ITZY "GUESS WHO" Album Spoiler

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ITZY "GUESS WHO" Album Spoiler
[Track List]
00:05 마.피.아. In the morning
00:27 Sorry Not Sorry
01:17 Wild Wild West
01:41 SHOOT!
02:19 TENNIS (0:0)
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  • [ITZY Track List] 00:05 마.피.아. In the morning 00:27 Sorry Not Sorry 00:48 KIDDING ME 01:17 Wild Wild West 01:41 SHOOT! 02:19 TENNIS (0:0)

    • wait this is the first time I’ve seen jyp comment

    • @bloomy bee Then the song will be boring😑

    • JYP F**k 🤬🤬

    • اخيرا صرت احبك صرت تعطي اغاني حلوة وقوية

    • JYP so niceee. Itzyyy is coming back!!!!

  • where is concert

  • 映画のフィルムの切り替えとリボルバーのシリンダー切り替える演出どーやったら思いつくねん(笑) 最高かよ

  • I like the "SHOOT" song. Please make the Shoot's video clip

  • 1:45 Wait is that Kim Seungmin from STRAY KIDS??

  • Did you know Everglow has sorry not sorry in their lyrics too?

  • I just bought the cd. SOEXCITED!

  • Itzy comes to break records:)

  • Omg omg this is so good WHAT

  • Can't wait for kidding me

  • Kinding me kinda like pretty savage

  • I'm new

  • Wow

  • Fall in love

  • Woaaahh

  • Es que ChaeryeongGOD

  • My ranking after listen to this album: 1. Kidding Me (Title Track Material) 2. SHOOT! (I like the vocal effect) 3. Ma.Fi.A In The Morning (Cool) 4. Wild Wild West (Lia's English) 5. Sorry Not Sorry (Catchy) 6. Tennis (0.0) (This song is good when I'm calm)

  • 0:13 パイの実〜 パイの実〜

  • Kidding em sounds familiar

  • I just got an ad of mafia in the morning before this video- weird...

  • This sounds like a good album. I'm looking forward to listening to it when my copies of the album arrive.

  • I am in love with Ryujin again

  • This is ITZY

  • ITZY owns every era they create

  • Shoot so well

  • My top 5 itzy song all the time : 1. Nobody Like You 2. Be In Love 3. Trust Me 4. Surf 5. Tennis

    • My: 1. WANNABE 2. KIDDING ME 3. SHOOT 4. MA.FI.A In The Morning 5. CHERRY

  • 마피아빼고 다 좋다.....왤까....

  • Love from Portugal 🇵🇹

  • I like this alblum

  • I'm here for the visuals.

  • Ryujin is the best😍

  • uu

  • shoooooot it will be fireeee😩😭😭😭

  • My personal ranking after listening the album : 1. Sorry Not Sorry (yeah jisu rap so damn good) 2. Tennis (she sounded just like heaven) 3. Shoot (who dont love this song?!) 4. 마. 비. 아 in the morning cuz yea 5. Kidding Me 6. Wild Wild West



  • The fact they actually named it "spoiler" not "teaser". FINALLY UR TELLING THE TRUTH JAE WHY PEE

  • 와와웨랑 쏘낫쏘에 좀더 투자해서 타이틀넣어도 좋았을거같은데..

  • okay so this is my ranking after actually listening to the album i really wanted to like this album but i just couldn’t ✊😩 1. kidding me 2. SHOOT! 3. sorry not sorry 4. tennis/mafia in the morning 5. wild, wild west i’m actually sad i don’t like it cause itzy is one of my semi ults and i liked most of their music

  • The editor should get paid higher for this video. Love it!

  • 1:36 love the editor for making this specific scene

  • Todas las canciones están increibles , godness

  • Sounds lit

  • I can't see the credit

  • 0:48 류진♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Ngl this actually sounds goods

  • Wow all these songs sound so awesome 😎

  • Wow jyp

  • Mucho spoiler jyp😑

  • whoever designed this album spoiler needs a pay raise oh my god

  • My TOP 6 RANKING of the songs in GUESS WHO album (already listened to the full song) 1. Mafia in the morning 2. Shoot 3. Wild Wild West 4. Kidding me now 5. Sorry not sorry 6. Tennis (0:0) *this is only my opinion and btw all the songs are bops so it was definitely hard ranking it.*

  • 진짜..채령이 언니 파트가 넘 없다..솔직히 너래나 춤이나 다른 멤버들의 비해 못하는 것도 아니고 잘하는데.. 달라달라도 예지언니 아이씨 유나 낫샤이 리아언니 워너비 류진언니 이번 마피아도 류진언니가 센터인거 같은데...채령언니는 센터 언제해요..? 파트도 적고 이게 뭐야ㅜㅠㅠ넘 속상하다ㅜㅠㅠ

  • Poor chaeryong, plz focus and push her... looking for a song suitable and more line in s song ...


  • bruh I'm broke BUT I HAVE TO GET THIS ALBUM

  • I just realize that shoot! Having a lot of composer Shoot is really THAT song huh

  • If tennis is 5th or 6th on your list and mafia in the morning is 1st or second, unfortunately you have no taste. Their title track sounds like shit but hey, nothing new there.

  • My ranking according to this video: 1. Shoot! 2. Tennis 3. Sorry not sorry 4. Wild Wild West 5. Kidding Me 6. Mafia in the morning I don’t stan Itzy, in fact they are one of the groups I despise because of their shitty discography and lack of vocals (which seems like an ongoing trend in these 4th gen groups, totally JYP’s fault tho). Anyways this might be the first time I actually add an Itzy song to my playlist. Shoot! and Tennis sounds like songs Mamamoo would sing.

  • Yo: Ya fueron muchos spoilers 😭💅 JYP: Que spoiliemos mas dice 👽🤙

  • I’ve come back to listen to these after the album dropped

  • Ok but “shoot!” Is a viiiiiiiibe

  • How is it to make the spin effect like on 0:24

  • Yooo SHOOT. Let me first do my signature LET'S GOOOOOO. I like the way SHOOT is like hip hop style music. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Me ranking :3 1- kidding me 2- wild wild west 3- sorry not sorry 4- in the morning 5- Tennis 6- SHOOT

  • SHOOT is my favorite, for sure!

  • SHOOT! 💜

  • What are Lias bangs at 2:33 TT

  • Wow

  • i’m so glad i didn’t watch this before i’ve listened to the whole album today lmao, i really don’t understand why they spoil the album in these videos 😣


  • Kidding Me and Shoot sound like they gonna go hard fr

  • curiga admin edit itzy demen bikin set up corat coret

  • Oh yeah I’m so so excited

  • Wild Wild West stans where are you?

  • 비트 너무 좋은데???? 있지의 너무 좋은 점은 맨날 사랑 노래하는 게 아녀서 너무 좋음. 나 멋져. 누가 뭐라해도 난 나야 그런 거 너무 좋음

  • Itzy are Amazing

  • Love it

  • Ryujin seriously should be an actor. She has the perfect drama face for period, contemporary, or Sunday long running family sitcom.

  • Interesting album, every song seems to be paired down instrumentally, kind of a minimalistic approach.

  • Shoot so well

  • Lan Which song of the album should I die for?

  • I thought verse of sorry not sorry was sung by lia

  • So they're keeping the "Mafia in the morning" song? And it goes like "I'm the yah, we do it like a mafia". Wow, as they're a group who's very much targeting an international audience that's kind of awkward. I get that it's a reference to a Korean board game, but I'm not sure having a famous group of young girls singing a catchy chorus repeating the word "mafia" and getting their fans to sing along to it is a nice look you want to have.

  • My Ranks: 1. Wild Wild West 2. Mafia in The Morning 3. Kidding Me 4. Sorry not Sorry 5. Shoot 6. Tennis

  • Omg👁️👄👁️

  • This album is everything I need now


  • what is what you can hear at 1:15 and then again after that track for a little bit??? is it a hidden track? or just part of another song??

    • Its shoot

  • 다른곡들 쫌 괜찮은데 마피아는 정말 아니다...... 있지 더더 잘 됐음 좋겠어

  • SHOOT! matched perfectly with Yuna's concept video!! I wish ITZY could do a mv with that style for SHOOT!😍

  • Their album is so crazyy

  • Yeji make me feel good omggg!!!

  • shoot is so gooood

  • sometimes i see chaeryeong looks like a twin with chaeyeon, idk why i find this cute😄

  • İTZY is so pretty

  • JYP actually used “Spoiler” instead of teaser hahaha they must have seen those videos



  • I guess everyone doing it My fave according to spoiler is 1 Mafia in the moring 2 shoot 3 Sorry not sorry 4 kidding me 5 Wild wild west 6 Tennis